IR915L-W 如何进入Wi-Fi板卡升级固件?


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If IR915L current firmware that your device running is higher than IR9-V1.0.0.r9375.bin, then you can directly upgrade your device via *.pkg file, else you have to use .bin to upgrade.
 If your  Router without WiFi function, then you can directly upgrade your IR900 series device via IR9-V1.0.0.rxxx.bin, else (P/N: XXXX-W) you have to upgrade both InRouter6XX-V2.00.rxx.bin and IR9-V1.0.0.rxxx.bin files.
First step upgrade InRouter6XX-V2.00.rxx.bin not reboot, second step upgrade IR9-V1.0.0.rxxx.bin, when system install successful, Web page prompt to reboot.
Isolated upgrade Wi-Fi board use InRouter6XX-V2.00.rxx.bin,Upgrade URL: